Super Reishi w/Maitake D-fraction



Super Reishi with Maitake D-fraction – Supports Immune & Optimal Health

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has been highly prized for thousands of years in China as the “Elixir of Mortality” and “Sprint Plant”.  As a “superior” tonic it was believed to balance and support your body systems, including heart, lung, liver, nerve and brain function.

Reishi in our “Super Reishi” is log grown free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.  It contains both hot-water and alcohol concentrated extracts in order to achieve the maximum range of beneficial constituents, such as active B-glucan and terpenes.  It is also enhanced with immune boosting Maitake D-fraction.

120 Capsules

Research Reishi Mushrooms to find out more about this amazing mushroom.

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