Snack ‘N Shrooms® – Spicy Hot



Snack ‘N Shrooms® – Spicy Hot – Seasoned Dried Mushrooms

“It’s a mushroom chip”  The Chip that’s Dried not Fried!

Savor the flavor of these mushroom silhouettes.  These are good with cocktails, use as a salad or pizza topper,  flavoring for dipping oil, add to omelette recipes, risotto, pasta dishes or soup.  Use your culinary imagination!

These chips are made with white agaricus mushrooms, ones we eat raw naturally.   Portabella and crimini mushrooms can also be eaten raw but all other mushrooms should be cooked before eating.

Ingredients:  Mushrooms, spices, garlic and salt

1.5 oz package

Additional information

Weight .09 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2.5 in

Spicy Mild, Spicy Hot, Garlic


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