Shiitake Growing Kit/Log – KSQ Shiitake logs are no longer available due to Chinese Shiitake logs arriving in the USA!



Shiitake Growing Kit – from Kennett Square, PA 

The Shiitake Logs sold here are made in Kennett Square.  It takes about one month before harvesting the first break of mushrooms. Instructions included – you will need a spray bottle to keep the log moist after initial soaking. These logs can produce three mini crops of shiitakes.

Fun project!

This item needs to be shipped separately – please place another order for additional products. Logs should be refrigerated – must be grown within 6 weeks.

Stay tuned – hoping to purchase USA grown shiitake mushrooms in the near future.  

Please note: There are shiitake logs now coming into the USA from China.  Several local growers are producing Chinese shiitake mushrooms.  We refuse to buy/sell those logs that are produced in China.  The Government allows the logs in this country as spawn therefore claiming the shiitakes are American grown.  Would you want to eat Chinese shiitake mushrooms?  What is in the logs to preserve them coming via containers?  They have a 12 month shelf life.  They are made with mixed variety of wood chips and corn husks.  They produce one flush/crop.  Kennett Square logs are made out of oak sawdust. Chinese shiitake mushrooms are very chewy compared to American grown.  All this at the expense of the American consumer!  Shiitake Happens!




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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 7 in