Chaga Tea – “The Diamond of the Forest”


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Looking for the ultimate in herbal teas?  Few teas can match the health-promoting power of Chaga tea.  This unique Mushroom is harvested straight from the wild for the most potent effects, and its many benefits have earned it the nickname “the Diamond of the Forest”.  Chaga offers the richest source of antioxidants in the world, and is also rich in B vitamins.  It’s adaptogenic qualities help to ease stress, promote energy levels and support immune function.  Chaga has even shown anti-cancer & anti-aging potential.  Boost your health naturally with the amazing taste of Chaga tea.

Ingredients:  100% Wild Crafted Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Tea Benefits:

Highest Source of Antioxidants

Strengthens Immunity

Alleviates Stress

Anti-Cancer Potential


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